No one who is under 18 years of age will be prayed for without the company of an adult. Do not come expecting us to do what you do in your church. We are a prophetic church so we do things as the Lord leads. If you do not believe in what we do, please find other churches that will suit your taste.

We do not answer prayers, we are not God. We merely create an environment where God through Jesus Christ may answer your prayers. As a result your prayers that we may not be aware of may be answered during or after the prayer meetings.

We will make prayers or declarations of faith that are consistent with scripture (Mark 11:21-24). Our declarations may not be followed immediately by answers from God. All that we do is to speak the Word of God. It is up to God to answer when He alone decides. We are only servants of God.

We will not advise anyone person to stop their medication! Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar.  Doctors can advise on medication! We do not diagnose sicknesses, as a result we are not qualified to stop anyone from taking their medication. If anyone believes they are healed, they must visit their GP for advise.

The Spiritual World is real. When the power of God is present demon manifestations can happen. We are not responsible for what a person does when they are under the influence of an unclean spirit. We may ask church members to assist irrespective of gender if physical restraint is needed. If you do not wish to be attended to by church members of the opposite sex, please do not attend our prayer meetings.

We do not take any responsibilities for any injuries sustained due to demon manifestation on any person in the building.

We believe Jesus Christ must be glorified through your healing testimonies. As a result, we may use your testimony in our promotional materials to show other people the healing power of Jesus Christ. Because of this we may record all our sessions for training, promotions and that others may glorify God through what He does through your problem. Luton School of Ministry has all rights to materials recorded during prayer meetings.

We do not charge for any prayers or prophecies given. We do not even accept any gifts that we feel may suggest to be payments for God’s doing. We are not God’s treasurers. We do not take advantage of God’ love for His people to benefit from it. If anyone wants to give to God, they must do so through our parent  ministry Gathering Of Saints through our church Global Fire Church Luton website.

By attending Luton School of Ministry prayer meetings you fully agree to our terms and conditions.